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Online Family Mediation by Zoom


I am happy to help people from all over British Columbia (and beyond) plan their separation through an online family mediation.

Online family mediation is a common option for people who live far apart and these days it's the most common option for running family mediations amid social distancing requirements with Covid-19.

The entire family mediation process is the same as set out here.  The only difference is that we meet virtually through the popular video conferencing software, Zoom.  Mediators have been using Zoom for years and, in fact, Zoom was designed in consultation with mediators to make sure it worked well for this type of meeting.  I really like Zoom because it allows us to talk all together and also break into one-on-one discussions when necessary. 

Online family mediation allows us to read facial expressions and see each other as we have these sensitive conversations, but dulls some of the negative emotion that sometimes surfaces in a family mediation, creating a safer space to express ourselves without being directly exposed to emotional outbursts, abuse, or aggression.   As such, it can be more efficient and allow us to concentrate on the future planning and decision making that is necessary.

Because I am a family lawyer in BC, I draft Separation Agreements under the BC Family Law Act, so I can help clients all over the province so long as at least one spouse lives in British Columbia.

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