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Divii's tools guide you through the steps to understand your options and make empowered decisions together.  Then it automatically drafts your legal Separation Agreement. 

It's time to move forward.​


Rebecca Alleyne

Founder & CEO of Divii

I've started Divii to empower people to keep control over their own separations and make plans for moving forward. 

Almost all of my clients are looking for these five main things:

  1. Guidance and Support

  2. Fair outcomes for both sides

  3. Doing it quicky and affordably
  4. Asssurance that they're doing it "right" and getting a professional document in the end; and

  5. Getting it done so they can move forward

But not all people need the same process to get there.  Many of my clients don't need a full mediation or significant lawyer intervention.  They want to keep it simple and affordable and trust they can do it themselves.  The trouble is, there haven't been any good solutions to prepare a good, industry standard Agreement ... until now


Divii will virually guides you through the process that I have refined after over a decade of mediating separations and divorces.  There are videos and tools to consult, so that you understand the situation and the legal norms.  You can move at your own pace and make your decisions as quickly as you're comfortable.  By the end, you have an full legal Separation Agreement.  In fact, it's the exact one I draft myself for my mediation clients.


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